Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We gon' light it up, like it's dynamite

Yesterday, when I was in the local supermarket, a boy came up to me and he was so nice.. 
the conversation was a little weird but very amusing.. I will tell you:

Boy: Hi! Could I ask you something?
Jenny: Yes, of course 
Boy: Do you come from Grou? (the tiny little village where I live)
Jenny: Yes, I do.
Boy: ( obviously shocked) Really?!
Jenny: Haha, yes, I really do
Boy: Oh, that surprises me..
Jenny: Oh? How's that?
Boy: (takes a look at my clothes) Well, just because how great you look.. 
You don't look like you're from here
Jenny: Oh haha thank you very much (it's maybe a little true, 
allmost all the girls in the villages here just wear jeans and a shirt) 
Boy: Your welcome.. blablabla (The rest isn't really relevant  ;-)  )

After this conversation I felt really.. complimentated I guess.. 
I'm still a little shocked that a complete stranger gave me a great compliment and made my day.. 
Anyway, this is what wore yesterday (I'm sorry, today it's pyjama-day)..

Do you ever get a compliment of a stranger, that makes your day?

P.s. Could somebody help me with my photo's?
They are always overlighted, especially at my hair..
I've tried several things, but I just can't figure it out.. 


  1. Leuk jasje! Altijd leuk om onverwacht een complimentje te krijgen he :)

  2. very nice jacket :)
    have a nice week!

  3. Your blog is great! I love the jacket :)


  4. haha leuk dat gesprekje ^^
    je foto's zijn toch niet zozeer overbelicht, eerder onderbelicht naar mijn idee.. je had een beetje uitproberen met de sluitertijd wat werkt en wat niet (als dat kan op je camera, ik weet natuurlijk niet welke je hebt (A)) en je kan 'm altijd nog lichter of donkerder maken met psp9 of photoshop ;D

  5. wat leuk dat gesprek en leuke outfit,
    en volgens mij heb ik jou een maand geleden
    in drachten gezien?


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