Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We gon' light it up, like it's dynamite

Yesterday, when I was in the local supermarket, a boy came up to me and he was so nice.. 
the conversation was a little weird but very amusing.. I will tell you:

Boy: Hi! Could I ask you something?
Jenny: Yes, of course 
Boy: Do you come from Grou? (the tiny little village where I live)
Jenny: Yes, I do.
Boy: ( obviously shocked) Really?!
Jenny: Haha, yes, I really do
Boy: Oh, that surprises me..
Jenny: Oh? How's that?
Boy: (takes a look at my clothes) Well, just because how great you look.. 
You don't look like you're from here
Jenny: Oh haha thank you very much (it's maybe a little true, 
allmost all the girls in the villages here just wear jeans and a shirt) 
Boy: Your welcome.. blablabla (The rest isn't really relevant  ;-)  )

After this conversation I felt really.. complimentated I guess.. 
I'm still a little shocked that a complete stranger gave me a great compliment and made my day.. 
Anyway, this is what wore yesterday (I'm sorry, today it's pyjama-day)..

Do you ever get a compliment of a stranger, that makes your day?

P.s. Could somebody help me with my photo's?
They are always overlighted, especially at my hair..
I've tried several things, but I just can't figure it out.. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Vintage blouse | Zara high-waisted shorts | H&M shoes | vintage belt

Friday, July 16, 2010

By the way you smile

Yesterday I went shopping with my mum in Amsterdam and I also received my Asos order.. So I've extended my wardrobe a little (something that was very necessary)..
Here is a little preview, I didn't have a lot of time..

My Amsterdam-buys:
Episode (vintage) leather skirt | Black H&M miniskirt | Pink H&M skirt | Beige Zara blouse | Suede high-waisted shorts | Black lace shirt from Pieces (it seems to be too small cause I didn't feel like trying it on in the store) | Silver bracelet from Six | Leaves ring from Six

And my Asos order:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Find somebody who understands, ohohoh

Today I was really tired.. Yesterday we watched the soccermatch of the Netherlands against Aruguay, and the Netherlands won! They will go to the finale now.. It was a lot of fun yesterday, cause we went to the city and watched the game with hundreds of people on a public square. But the next day, after like four hours sleep, I had to make an important sociology exam and I totally screwed up. When I was back home, I went to bed again and slept till dinner..  

What I was wearing today:
Anthracite-coloured jacket: H&M
White lace body & belt: vintage
Dress worn as skirt: H&M Divided
Platform boots: Bershka
Golden charm bracelet: selfmade

Friday, July 2, 2010

Like shooting stars

Today I'm wearing a sweater of H&M Divided. It's very hard to combine it with something, cause I haven't got any sportive clothes in my closet and wearing it with nothing else I think that's boring.. So I wear a vintage waistcoat. Actually, I allready took my outfit off, cause it's really warm outside.. I'm sitting in my bikini right now, haha

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures TMF Awards 2010

Last Saturday some friends and I went to the TMF Awards festival in Enschede and it was fantastic! The weather was awful, though. It was too damn hot and we couldn't drink because we stood on front of the all the people and we didn't want to lose that spot. We were a little overheated, but it was all worth it. I took some nice pictures (sorry for the quality, but it was prohibited to take a professional camera with you). These are not all of the performers, but I didn't like all the performers haha. The main act of the show was the American band '30 seconds to mars' and that was the primary reason for going to the TMF Awards for me. In the end we were picked out to come on stage with them! That was so awesome :D

The French singer 'Stromae'
Our own Dutch little rockchick 'Waylon'
The rockband 'Di-rect' with their new singer (I think he's a hippie)
The guitarist of Di-rect, 'Spike'. (I got his plectrum)
Some rappers of 'Flinke Namen' and 'The Opposites'
The American singer 'Taio Cruz'
The Dutch rappers 'Sef' and 'Dio'
'The Opposites' (they won three awards!)

And then, we arrived at: '30 seconds to mars'
The singer 'Jared Leto' very close
The guitarist 'Tomo Milicevic'.  Yes, you can never see his face.

And I took this pictures when I was on stage:
The drummer 'Shannon Leto'
Jared and the crowd
Hahah this is the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen (not)