Monday, December 20, 2010

There's a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you're around

I really can't feel my fingers anymore. It was so freezing cold, my red hands on the pictures are my proof. But everything for my dear blog. Yesterday I was cleaning my room and I found this skirt again. I think I bought it a year ago, but I've never worn it. Even the pricetag was still attached to it. It's really nice I found it again, cause I have no money for new clothes..

Jacket: Asos
Skirt: H&M
Top: Monki
Shoes: VanHaren
Tights: V&D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got you around my finger like a lonely lovers charm

Yes, that's right, first post since ever.. The snow is finally gone, but tomorrow it will come back again. My mum didn't really like my outfit today, she said I looked like a prostitute.. I didn't agree with that, I think it's pretty cool :) It's not really appropriate for the winter though.. Especially not when you're ill.

XXXL cardigan & scarf: C&A
Top: Monki
Suede skirt & wedges: H&M Divided

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I don't know day from night, wrong from right, you are my world, that's all I know

Dion Lee definitely knows what he's doing. I've seen his previous collection and I was blown away. And now, after seeing his new collection, I know for sure; It's impossible for him to make imperfect items. He know's the female's body so well and he can make it look very elegant with all kinds of fabric. 

Pictures via Style bubble

P.s. I'm sorry I haven't post for a while, but it was very hard to photograph with this snow. I'll have to get over it and take some pictures in cold weather.