Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got you around my finger like a lonely lovers charm

Yes, that's right, first post since ever.. The snow is finally gone, but tomorrow it will come back again. My mum didn't really like my outfit today, she said I looked like a prostitute.. I didn't agree with that, I think it's pretty cool :) It's not really appropriate for the winter though.. Especially not when you're ill.

XXXL cardigan & scarf: C&A
Top: Monki
Suede skirt & wedges: H&M Divided


  1. love this outfit! Adore it, great combinations!

  2. waauww, heel mooi! ik ben echt fan van je outfits!

  3. You look great! My mother says exactly the same things! I have these lace-up heels (very high), and she said they were shoes for prostitutes! So I understand, and I really like this look!

    xx Marije

  4. I really enjoy this outfit! Nice layers.



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