Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pictures TMF Awards 2010

Last Saturday some friends and I went to the TMF Awards festival in Enschede and it was fantastic! The weather was awful, though. It was too damn hot and we couldn't drink because we stood on front of the all the people and we didn't want to lose that spot. We were a little overheated, but it was all worth it. I took some nice pictures (sorry for the quality, but it was prohibited to take a professional camera with you). These are not all of the performers, but I didn't like all the performers haha. The main act of the show was the American band '30 seconds to mars' and that was the primary reason for going to the TMF Awards for me. In the end we were picked out to come on stage with them! That was so awesome :D

The French singer 'Stromae'
Our own Dutch little rockchick 'Waylon'
The rockband 'Di-rect' with their new singer (I think he's a hippie)
The guitarist of Di-rect, 'Spike'. (I got his plectrum)
Some rappers of 'Flinke Namen' and 'The Opposites'
The American singer 'Taio Cruz'
The Dutch rappers 'Sef' and 'Dio'
'The Opposites' (they won three awards!)

And then, we arrived at: '30 seconds to mars'
The singer 'Jared Leto' very close
The guitarist 'Tomo Milicevic'.  Yes, you can never see his face.

And I took this pictures when I was on stage:
The drummer 'Shannon Leto'
Jared and the crowd
Hahah this is the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen (not)

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  1. omg the concert looks amazing! i'm so jealous. cute posts girl!
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