Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello my little pirates

Wow.. The last time I posted something seems ages ago. It's been a very busy year. I was in my senior year, so I had a lot to study for my final exams (unfortunately I failed) and I also needed some time to recover from some bad things that happened to me. But.... I'M BACK!! My intention is to get this blog active again! 

About the fashion: I've got a lot to show you guys.. I've been to the wonderful London for a shoppingtrip and I also turned into some kind of shoppingaddict, so my closet nearly breaks. 

Something about my personal life: I'm not a Festival-virgin anymore! For years I've been wanting to go to a festival and now I did! I went to Lowlands a week ago and I've never felt so good. The music was perfect, the people were awesome, the weather was tropical and even the camping wasn't so bad. One thing I will do different next year? Decrease the amount of alcohol. There were times my brains blacked-out, so I can't remember everything haha. 

I will go to sleep now. Here's a picture of us with the mushroom-man

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