Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To the bone

I know it, I'm a very very very bad blogger. I'm just so busy with things lately.. And I need to save my money for my shopping trip to England, so I can't buy new clothes and I have no inspiration for blogworthy outfits (really, I look like shit and I'm not even trying to look good, I don't know what's wrong with me). Nevertheless, I still bought a wonderful cropped blouse. If all goes well, I'll get it tomorrow :-) Also, my first ballet lesson is tomorrow! I already do hiphop, but I want to do something that is completely the opposite and ballet is one of the most beautiful dances to see. 

These gorgeous, but almost unwearable, shoes are from a collaboration between fashion designer Naim Josefi and industrial designer Souzan Youssouf.


  1. Wow !! Would love to see them on the runway. I'm sure they can make a more durable version ?

  2. Wow, die schoenen! Maar inderdaad bijna onmogelijk om op te lopen...


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