Monday, September 27, 2010

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Omg I just had to hand in a science assignment on-line and it was very stressful since I had an hour to make it before the deadline. Fortunately I did it :D The rest of the week wasn't very special.. Yesterday I went jogging  and did a lot of muscle exercises so I feel it burning right now haha. I didn't had a lot of sleep this night.. The reason was a gnat. They are so annoying.. They sting you so you get an itchy bump, but the worst thing is the sound they make while you want to have a peace and quiet sleep.. But when you turn the light on to go after them, they suddenly are invisible or something. Grrr

Last week I made roses on my nails.. I didn't suspect they would look so good because it was the first time I made it, but they did! I was very proud on it, although I had to get it off after one day.. My nails just can't handle nailpolish..
This is an outfit of last week..  I thought it was very cold (apparently I was the only one, but I'm always cold) so I took the vest of my brother which is very lovely.

Vest: my brother's
White shirt  & skirt: H&M
Legging & shoes: H&M Divided
Belt: vintage


  1. nice outfit..



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