Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm off !

Hello my sweet bloggers..
Tomorrow I will be leaving to... papappapaddadaa (yes, that's some drumming for making it exciting)..... Terschelling ! Ok, I admit, that enthusiasm was a little sarcastic.. It's not very special, cause it's still in The Netherlands, but It's a little island where a lot of students go to, just for getting drunk, partying and making new friends. Who knows I'll find a handsome boy, who isn't drinking as much as all the other boys haha.. But anyway, the other side of this story is that I won't post something on my blog this week.. I couldn't post an outfit today too, cause I've packed everything and it's raining very hard.. In stead of an outfit, I posted a picture of Saturday-night. We were celebrating Jildou's birthday, although we also did that the night before haha. Well, I will pack my bag a little more and take a jump in the bubble-bath. 

See you next week! 


  1. Terschelling is leuk ! Veel plezier ♥ .

  2. Wat leuk! Ik ben gisteren teruggekomen van terschelling! 't was zo'n geweldige week! Ik stond op camping Cnossen! Niet echt bekend! Waar stond jij? Ben je ook naar de Braskoer geweest? < Dat is echt de chillste plak daar!
    Ik wil echt teruuuuugg!


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