Friday, June 18, 2010

London streetstyle

So, I went to London a few weeks ago and took some pictures of the streetstyle there. Unfortunately all the people are in a hurry in London, so I coulnd't ask if they wanted to pose.. Bur this is OK too :)

So cute
Oh god, that bag..
I really like the dress.. Take a look at that guy also ;)
Two nerdy guys with their mum.. I think they are very inspiring. 
I wish more guys in my country will wear skinnyjeans
This is one of my favourites
I need that shoes
Those guys were really hot, but they also walked really fast 
so I could only take a picture of their back.. That isn't so bad though


  1. nice post

  2. Muchas gracias x comentar
    Me gusta tu blog. Bsiitos

  3. wow, I love it! :D xoxo, nastri.

  4. I love london!
    And this pics are inspiring.

  5. I love the photo with the two guys with their mum ;D
    Thanks for your comment ♥


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